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We provide variety of services from nails, hair, permanent makeup / cosmetics, facials, ear candling, detox patches, ear stapling, and our famous "Day of Beauty." Learn about the new Natural FaceLift product in our Beauty Section!

At Nalini's, we believe in keeping up with the latest technology and highest standards of sanitation and safety for our clients' benefits by attending advanced training, international conventions and competitions to better her techniques and speed, and is a member of International Societies. The spa used the most natural products in skin care and the staff works to help clients get beautiful and heal within...mind, body, and soul.

For more detailed information about the services we offer other than what is below, visit our other website at: www.nalinis.com

   Permanent Makeup Services Include:
   Lip Liner/Color

  The Intradermal Pigmentation procedure for lip color is beautiful. It can appear to change the size and shape of the lips as well as the color. This procedure helps prevent lipstick from bleeding into the surrounding skin. Many people request a soft pink, similar to the lip color to that of an infant, for those who want a natural look. Others may desire a dramatic effect.


  The Intradermal Pigmentation procedure for eyebrows can mimic the appearance of hair in the brow line. Anyone who desires more fullness of the brows will love the procedure (and the time saved not applying makeup!) Those who used to apply pencil can go swimming, play tennis, or wipe their forehead without the embarrassment of losing their eyebrows. Those suffering from alopecia (hair loss) are pleasantly surprised at how natural it looks.


  A subtle, natural look, mimicking thousands of tiny eyelashes with the implantation of pigments in the lash line is popular with both male and female clients. Additional shadowing of color can be added for a soft natural liner or a more bold, definite line can be achieved. Ophthalmologists recommend Intradermal Cosmetic procedures for those who are allergic to conventional makeup and for those wearing contact lenses.

  •   Mucosal Coloring

Mucosal coloring is the art of adding color to the inner mucosal tissue just below the eye, a procedure that complements your eye’s natural sparkle. The coloring of the mucosal tissue adds depth and vibrance.


  •   Alopecia/Hairline
Alopecia is the state of lacking hair where it usually would grow, especially on the head. Alopecia, which affects 50% of males known as a receding hairline/brow, many times is worsened due to stress and lack of sleep; it is also a common side-effect of face lifts. As far as permanent makeup is concerned with alopecia, we help straighten and fill in thinning hair regions along the hairline, sideburns, eyebrows, in small balding spots, etc.


  •   Stretchmark & Scar Camouflage
The process of camouflaging stretchmarks and scars is a simple process of blending the discolored scarred/stretched area with your natural pigment colors surrounding the affected area. The final result is beautiful and dramatically reduces the appearance of scars, and in some cases, completely covers them up. This camouflage procedure has been used to permanently conceal face lift scars, stretchmarks, surgical and accidental related scars, and many others, all to help create that natural look.


  •   Lip Augmentation (non-surgical)
This procedure is used to visually create fuller, healthier lips without any surgical procedure. Whether you are looking to balance out the shape of your lips, even-out a cleft lip, conceal burns or scars, or you simply want rich, sexy looking lips, this procedure is for you.


  •   Contouring Cheeks
Most women apply color to their cheeks everyday to give their face a healthy, youthful appearance. Imagine being able to have a healthy, youthful appearance all the time. This natural enhancement is a technique that works specifically for contouring your cheeks in a natural way.




  Additional Beauty Services Include:

  • Athena
  • BioRenu
  • Detox Patches
  • Ear Stapling
  • Mineral Makeup
  • Natural Face Lift
  • LipInk


  Other Services Include:

  • Nails
  • Depilatory Waxing
    (Men’s back waxing available in under 15 min)
  • Body Treatments
  • Make-Up
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Tinting
  • Massage
  • Electrolysis/TE System
  • Skin Care
  • Special
  • Hair
  • Ear Candeling
  • BioRenu
  • Ear Stapling


Additional Products we sell include: Dermal, Thermapro, and Sun Products. Nalini's carries a wide selection of products for all your beauty needs.

For pricing and any other questions about our products and services, call us at (806)354-0101,
or email Nalini at nalinisspa@hotmail.com.



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