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  About Nalini Patel

Nalini Patel is a highly experience cosmetologist; she has been in the beauty industry since 1979, a Licensed Cosmetologist since 1989, an instructor since 1993 and in the permanent makeup business since 1996.

Nalini specializes in a variety of cosmetic procedures, Nails, Waxing, Permanent Makeup, a variety of Body Treatments, Electrolysis/TE System, Skin Care, Hair Design, Ear Stapling and more!


Nalini has received a variety of education through the years through the anesthetic and beauty industry. She first received her permanent makeup education in 1996 from the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics, in Arlington, Texas, while taking advanced courses and seminars, keeping up to date with intradermal concepts. All of her certifications and training includes:

1978 Certified in Beauty and Home Science through Nav Gujarat Commence College in Ahmedabad


Certification in Cosmetology through International Academy of Cosmetology


Certified in Instructions Course (Expositos)


* Intradermal Cosmetics (AIIC)
* Advanced permanent makeup
* Tattoo removing (AIIC)
* Awarded Best Before and After Pictures in Permanent Makeup
* Awarded Best Before and After Pictures in Color Therory from AIIC


*Advanced Training in Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Removing.
*Multitrepannic Collagen (Las Vegas)
* CPCT/AIPCT Certification


Advanced Training in Permanent Makeup & Tattoo Removing.


SPCP Conference & Training (San Diego)


* SPCP Conference & Training (New Orleans)
* International Esthetic Convention (Las Vegas)


* SPCP Conference& Training (Las Vegas)
* International Esthetic Convention (Las Vegas)


* SPCP Conference& Training (San Francisco)
* International Esthetic Convention (Las Vegas)


International Esthetic Convention (Las Vegas)


SPCP Conference & Training (Las Vegas)


Esthetic Convention - Dallas


* Stapling by SMT
* Certified in Acupuncture Reflexology Medicine through ICCAAAM06 – Chicago

2007 Interntional Convention – Las Vegas
2008 * SPCP Conference & Training (Houston)
* Certified in Anatomy of Wound
* Certified in Blood Pathogen (In accordance with OSHA)
* IIPA Level I & II Iridilogy
* Master Training & Certification (IICE 2008)
* Specialty Cosmetics Training (IICE 2008)
* Specialty Paramedical Training (IICE 2008)
* Animal Art (IICE 2008)

Nalini is also a member of:

  • NIA
  • AHA
  • ACDR
  • Tammy Taylor Club
  • IIPA

Nalini has also won awards in Hair & Nails Competition.

Interested in a Procedure?
Nalini’s Salon and Day Spa is located at 4310 S Western St, Amarillo, TX 79109.

You may also reach us by phone at (806)354-0101,
or by email at nalinisspa@hotmail.com.


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